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Friday, June 15, 2007

One Vote 08

Activism is of deep importance to many citizens. Bloggers' work in this arena, I believe, is crucial to the health of our system of government. Even though I have retired from active social work practice, I retain social work values and a concern for the basic needs of vulnerable people across the planet. Wednesdays are my day to focus on the latest news about activists and their projects. I often learn about such things on television, particularly, C-SPAN.

C-SPAN covered the 6/11/07 launch of the One Vote 08 Campaign. Their blurb reads,
One Campaign on Global Poverty and Disease The One Campaign launched its One Vote '08 project, co-chaired by former Senate Majority Leaders Frist and Daschle, to mobilize voters to make the fight against global poverty and disease an election issue. The event, held at St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill, included a video message from supportors including Bono and Matt Damon, and others. 6/11/2007: WASHINGTON, DC: 1 hr.
More Information -
  • A excellent recent post by Scott Paul at The Washington Note featured the One Vote 08 Campaign.
  • Paul Bedard in "Washington Whispers," at CBS News, covers the "ONE" founder Bono's part in the campaign.
  • Digg also weighed in on the launch of "One Vote 08 Campaign..
  • The Insider Online, a conservative website, has some predictable reservations about how to best help Africa. To quote,
    Hopefully, a part of the push to help Africa will involve making an effort to understand where the problems in Africa come from in the first place, and a good place to start is understanding how foreign aid can and has made things worse.

The campaign's website uses this slogan: "Mobilizing voters to save lives and secure America's future." To quote further,
ONE Vote '08 is an unprecedented, bi-partisan campaign to make global health and extreme poverty foreign policy priorities in the 2008 presidential election. . . . ONE Vote '08 is part of ONE, a broad and growing movement of Americans from every state and walk of life. More than millions of people have added their voices to ONE by visiting has a counter that states that there is a current count of "2,420,903 people standing as one" in the movement. Won't you join the movement and add "one more voice" to the millions?
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