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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wild about Wordle, and other wonders.

Isn't this beautiful?  It was made by a very nifty program called "Wordle."  The design comes from the block of copy you enter into the program.  I find it quite magical.  The words are the labels I routinely use to describe my political blog.  The frequency of the word in the copy dictates its size in the composition.

"Earth From Above --Photography Exhibition Shows Unique Perspectives Of Planet#."  With the advent of Google Earth, eyes in the sky let us see as never before.  Orbiting weather satellites and photographs taken by NSAS shuttle astronauts and crew members inhabiting the International Space Station provide invaluable perspectives on important events around the earth, hurricanes, for example. The story came from The Huffington Post. To quote:

The view from a hovering helicopter affords perhaps the best vantage point from which to observe and capture the Earth's beauty -- and fragilityI recently met with artist-activist Yann Arthus-Bertrand to discuss climate change, carbon offsets, and his upcoming outdoor exhibition of 150 four-foot by six-foot aerial photographs of the Earth The collection, entitled The Earth From Above, will touch down in New York from May 1, 2009 to June 28, 2009, before continuing on to San Fransisco and Los Angeles in 2010.

"Our good earth in National Geographic says, "The future rests on the soil beneath our feet."  The piece features an ethereal color photograph that is beautifully luscious.  And "Urban Street Art, Abandoned Places and Amazing Designs#at WebUrbanist," is a visually rich website worth a visit. 

"Animals Have Personalities, Too#" is from Yahoo! News.  Those personality differences make important contributions as to how well a group of animals  prospers, for example.  More   fascinating stuff.


The last part of this post is about a few weirdly wonderful links that landed in my e-mail box recently.  My regular contributors know how much I enjoy this kind of material, and you will, too.  "Sharks are cool," says "betmo" in the intro to "Immaculate Conception*".  She also sent this very strange looking one: "Boffins unveil life-like robo-girl.*  I conclude with this TIME magazine photo essay called,  "Your Doctor Wants You to Smoke.#"  It consists of 10 old advertising illustrations from before the time when the link between smoking and cancer was discovered.

Hat Tip Key -- Items marked with (#) were links sent to me by my regular contributor, Jon; those marked (*) were e-mailed links from "betmo."

My topical post today at South by Southwest and The Reaction is about presidential politics.

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