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Friday, December 12, 2008

Back to winter

From a Southern climate to a Western climate means a temperature drop. It has been a long time since snow on the ground, slick streets and sidewalks, and electric blankets are a matter of course. In Texas such things are news and demend special measures. In Wyoming such things are taken as simply life today. There is more talk of weather forecasts, and people take them into some consideration when making plans. But plans are usually made as if things will be normal. Cancellation at the last minute is always understood. And family prevails.
I noticed some things. My family worries if I am wearing short sleeves. They give me a hand with an icy patch on the sidewalk. I am reminded to turn on my electric blanket to warm the bed early. I have hat, gloves, warm socks, etc. enough to withstand any eventuality. I do not have my own transportation nor domicile, which means that my family coordinates who takes me where. That is a lovely nurturing kind of thing and I have welcome mats everywhere.
I also noticed that shivering every now and then is tolerable. I noticed that the sky is incredibly blue, the snow on the mountains is perfectly beautiful and the air is clean and crisp. Sunshine burns through the chill. And sound carries differently when there is snow on the ground.
More later, folks


betmo said...

i shoveled for the first time this winter today :) i worked up a sweat because it had rained then iced then snowed- so it was slushy and wet and i had to use the shovel to dig the ice up and then shovel. but i didn't mind. i was outside in the fresh air and feeling a little cold around my neck (i misplaced my scarf)- just enough to let me know it was supposed to be cold outside. and i knew that at the end, i would enjoy a nice steamy shower and a cup of tea. which i did get after spending a couple hours with mom. i like the cold better than the hot- but being out in nature anyway- makes you feel. it makes you feel alive and it makes you feel something. i don't think enough folks take the time to really feel anything- so a chill here or a shiver there or the warmth of hot cocoa with mallows going down your gullet- it's nice. :)

Spadoman said...

Stopped by to keep tabs on you. Looks like you are reliving winter. You must see some good in it as you didn't designate it as "bad" weather.

You also see the beauty in where you are. It is beautiful everywhere when you can think like that, so, I don't worry much about you. I'll just send more positive thoughts.



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