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Monday, April 06, 2009

Tools for Dreamers - Part III

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My Dream Language

How does my dream-maker write my dream story . . . The Five W’s

By Carol Gee


Who are the regular characters in my dreams? Do they stand for themselves, for another, or for parts of myself?

Name the people or representational types that regularly inhabit my dreams, or the dream in question:

Who speaks and what is the dream dialogue like?

State some ideas about what characterizes the usual conversations in my dreams, or the dream in question:


What is the plot of my dream drama?

Write a synopsis of the story of what happened in this dream or in my typical dreams:

The language of objects or dream props –

For what do the “things” in my dreams stand, or what are the meanings of the main items that my dream-maker showed in this dream?


What does the dream location say?

Describe the place in which the dream events happen. What are the most frequent locations of my dream dramas?

Inside or outside is a question

Do most of my dreams take place inside or outside? Where does the dream action occur in this dream?


Orientation to Past, Present or Future?

Is this dream set in the past, present or the future? What is my normal internal consciousness orientation to time?

Time’s message from the dream

Do the time orientations of conscious and unconscious match? How long does it take for the dream to unfold?


Translating from conscious to unconscious
What “day material” routinely influences my dreams or influenced the dream in question?

Remembering my (habitual) internal dialogue’s shorthand phrases -learning my own unique words, my dream language

What is the literary style of my internal dream-maker? What does this shorthand tell me about what I might infer about the meanings of my dreams?

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