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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visual musings: a fresh start

One of the categories into which I sort the Making Good Mondays posts is called Visual Musings. Only 7 posts made it there in 2009. I have gotten away from that format, and my creative writing has suffered as a result. Today's post is an experiment in going back to my old format:
  1. Pick a picture to which you have an emotional connection or reaction
  2. Figure out what that is about in your mind.
  3. Write down those thoughts, either directly or obliquely as a post.
  4. Edit the post so that head and heart match, making authenticity your goal.
For today my visual musing is about this image:

Point Lobos, south of San Francisco, California.
I started as a landlubber, born and raised on the sagebrush western prairies, with mountains at my horizon. The water-ific abundance of the Pacific ocean could not be more different than scarce-water Wyoming. However, some things are the same.
The blue Pacific mimics the brilliant blue of Wyoming skies. Also there are mountains at the horizon in this image. The rocky coast is very akin to the Rocky Mountains, my original horizon markers.
It is also about the rocks. I grew up with a rocky outcrop not far from our place in the country. Though we had to watch out for rattle snakes, many of my fondest memories are about going to play "at the rocks." They represented a castle, a fortress, a house, an adventure. And today I take pictures of rocks, collect rocks - both tumbled and rough, and decorate my landscape with rocks. Here is a 2007 picture taken in Wyoming. It is called "Granite Fragments."

It is a picture that gathered several comments when I posted it on Red Gage. In fact shared photographs play a big part in the fun of social networking on the Internet. I have collections on Flikr, FaceBook, Picassa and several slide shows on most of my web pages.
Keeping these sites maintained takes a bit of work, but the results are worth the effort. It is a great way to share photos with the public and with friends and family. . .
. . . and to go back and enjoy them yourself.

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Spadoman said...

I didn't realize there was a formula to guide by. I just point, shoot and write!

I was in your old neighborhood recently, passing through on my way back east from a whirlwind 6670 mile road trip. I waved.

peace above all.

Carol Gee said...

My friend, how nice to "see" you. Thanks for the wave. That must have been a marathon trip. We're going to take a 2400 mile trip next week to Wyoming for just a few days. We'll be having a graveside service for burial of Mom's ashes on the 28th. As you perhaps remember, she passed away in December of last year. We put off the service until this summer so my husband could attend.
Hope you are well. Peace to you, too.


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