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Friday, December 11, 2009

Tweeps are terrific writers - some samples

"Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating," is from Alex Goodall (11/1/09)
"The stock market rebound was nice while it last. Now if only I could remember where I buried that coffee can with all my savings," is from Karen Tumulty (10/31/09).
"Flabbergasted, adj. Appalled by discovering how much weight one has gained," is from Alex Goodall
"The Wellstones were the reason I went to law school in MN. They died the day I was sworn in. Still fight in their name. #7yearsagotoday," is from Jessica Pieklo, "Hegemommy," (10/25/09).
"Just learned that in 1967, Palestine region had higher per capita GDP than South Korea. Shows the miracle of Asia and tragedy of Mid East," is from Steve Clemons (10/24/09).
"Too many have dispensed with generosity in order to practice charity. - Albert Camus," tweeted by JPBarlow (10/23/09).
"I'd bet Molly Ivins wouldn't have defended Fox or counseled Obama to step back," is from Libby Spencer (10/21/09).
"If people spent less energy on what they think they're supposed to like, they'd have more for what they actually do," is from John Perry Barlow (10/22/09).
"UFO conspiracy theories more popular than congressional republicans:," is by Matt Yglesias (10/21/09).
"Deep Thought: Other people's nationalism always seems absurd." is by Christopher Hayes (10/17/09).
"Townes Van Zandt "No Lonesome Tune" ♫ // Confoundingly optimistic. Like our administration,"
is from Ana Marie Cox (10/16/09).
"Six Year Olds Magazine" names Larimer County, CO #1 in its annual "Best Places To Hide" list," is from Pour Me Coffee (10/16/09).
"Extra terrestrials have gone back to making their ships look like giant silver muffin tops. Apparently it makes the Earthlings go bonkers," is from John Dickerson (10/15/09).
"By hilarious unnoticed amendment, Max Baucus must now be Olympia Snowe's butler for a month," is from Pour Me Coffee (10/14/09).
"Dow 10,000: Pat Buchanan working on racial angle. GOP stressing not deserved. Beck to blame ACORN," is from Pour Me Coffee (10/14/09).
"A nice place to smile is in front of me. - Shoshone saying," is from John Perry Barlow (10/10/09).
"As night falls, Moon moves to respond to unprovoked US attacks," is from Pour Me Coffee (10/9/09).
"Pres. Obama welcomes middle school kids to WH evening of astronomy, urging them to dedicate their lives to a sense of discovery," is from Mark Knoller (10/7/09).
"Obama peered through a telescope to view double-double star in the constellation lyra - 160 light years away. "That's pretty cool," he said," is from Mark Knoller (10/7/09).
"Sometimes our earthly universe strikes me as being almost incomprehensibly bizarre," is from Libby Spencer (10/7/09).
"AP might charge some customers to get news 20 to 30 minutes earlier Really? How about a premium price for true news?" is from Jay Rosen at NYU (10/6/09).
"Oh @Gourmetmagazine I was never really going to make that five-course spread you served the models but you made me feel like I could," is from Matt Cooper (10/5/09).
"Pro tip: you need less Grape Nuts than you think," is from Christopher Hayes (10/5/09).
"Watching my boss injecting sanity on The Week. But oy, the panel is reminding me why I don't watch the Sunday shows," is from Christopher Hayes (10/4/09).  His boss is Kristina van den Heuvel, editor at The Nation.
"Missing Bill Safire already. His wit. His shrewdness. His advice. And his gentle soul. RIP," is from George Stephanopoulos (9/27/09).
"Sitting in studio noticed promo for MSNBC programming called "Sex Slave Marathon," which struck me as an infelicitous title," is from Christopher Hayes (9/25/09).
"at Primo Cappuccino in Wilmington's AMTRAK station imagining VP Joe Biden here every morning and every night during 36 yrs in US Senate," is from Steve Clemons (9/25/09).
"Obama mentions Theodore Roosevelt as one of American's great hunters and anglers. No mention of Dick Cheney," is from Mark Knoller (9/25/09).
"Reading LIght in the Attic with kids: when they laugh it's not just that they think something is funny; they think they've found a secret," is from John Dickerson (9/23/09).
"I recognize the UN General Assembly chairs from the Brady Bunch kitchen. Nice," is from Pour Me Coffee (9/23/09).
"My spy in Finance Cmte hearing room tells me Ensign's suit doesn't look bad in person, but on C-SPAN, he looks like a riverboat gambler," is from Karen Tumulty (9/23/09).
"on a day like today, i wish i drove a red convertible rather than a station wagon," is from Karen Tumulty (9/20/09).
"Bush actually born in Republic of Narnia. Last 8 years unconstitutional," is from Pour Me Coffee (8/2/09).
"Big @GlennBeck Paranoiapalooza tomorrow. Pack heat and blurt out whatever comes to mind. Should be awesome," is from Pour Me Coffee (9/11/09).
"Presidential Speech Week Self-Control Report Card. Nation's Schoolchildren: A. Joe Wilson: F," is from Pour Me Coffee (9/10/09).
"The sleeper agents brainwashed by George W. Bush's speech to students in 1991 should be coming out in force any minute now," is from John Dickerson (9/7/09).
"PLEASE don't invite Van Jones and Glenn Beck to the White House for beer. Too much to ask of beer. Leave beer alone," is from Pour Me Coffee (9/6/09).
"Brent Musburger just as sharp as when he was doing play-by-play for the thirteen original colonies league," is from Pour Me Coffee (9/5/09).
" If Obama can successfully indoctrinate kids in a 20 minute speech, he is wasting his time with this President bullshit," is from Pour Me Coffee (9/5/09).
"Flash! President uses speech to schools to promote bogus economics AND NOBODY MADE A FUSS!" is from Captain Fogg (9/5/09).
"Mozart playing out of speaker in gas pump at Exxon. Goes perfectly with my powdered wig," is from John Dickerson (9/5/09).
"Room service order: plain toasted bagel, coffee with a shot of espresso and a bloody mary. A double bloody mary. #afterwheniwasmaddow," is from Ana Marie Cox (9/5/09).
"If Barack Obama wants to indoctrinate my kids or their friends, he'd better be bringing cash or electronics, end of story," is from Pour Me Coffee (9/4/09).
"New washer and dryer were delivered today. They are smarter than I am. Should I just surrender all decisions to them?" is from Karen Tumulty (9/4/09).
"Some school districts are only allowing students to refer to the president as That One," back to you Wolf.," is from John Dickerson (9/3/09).
"People over 60 who consume moderate amounts of alcohol have a reduced risk for dementia. I'm staring early," is from John Dickerson (9/3/09).
"The fellow behind me on this plane is very fashionable & foggs the windows with the funk of 100 days of labor performed under the hottest sun," is from John Dickerson (8/22/09).
"My parents moved me in 39 yrs ago. Aunt loaned them 1 of her children for weeks to ease adjustment. At least they didn't replace me w/a dog," is from Larry Sabato (8/22/09).
"As Sec. of HHS, Kathleen Sebelius must have access to the really good pills because she is insanely serene," is from Pour Me Coffee ((8/19/09).
"Grassley lures you in with promises of high-fructose corn lovin', but it's an empty high," is from Pour Me Coffee (8/17/09).
"Bush actually born in Republic of Narnia. Last 8 years unconstitutional," is from Pour Me Coffee (8/2/09).


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