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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Would you believe this?!

Stranger than fiction -- Today's post gathers a number of links sent by my regular contributors, "betmo" and Jon.

Birds descended from dinosaurs -- Popular Science: "Scientists find a missing link*" (1/20/09) "A new fossil sheds light on the evolution of feathers and a rare group of dinosaurs."

See it to believe it -- BBC News: "'Spookfish' has mirrors for for eyes*" (1/7/09)

Hard to believe -- Yahoo! News: "Fishermen saved off Australia after 25 days at sea# - (1/20/09)

Who would believe that honey bees could be threatened? McClatchy: "Beekeepers worry about water*" (1/8/09). If there is not enough water for the almond growers, then pollination could be threatened. One-third of all U.S. bee colonies have already been lost due to Colony Collapse Disorder.

I thought I had heard everything -- MSNBC: "Sand thieves stealing Caribbean beaches#" (10/27/08) To quote:
Sand stolen across Caribbean for construction. 'We will lose our beaches' unless crime is taken seriously, one official says.
My favorite animals are forever surprising me -- MSNBC: "African elephants equate roads to poachers#" (10/27/80) To quote:
New roads across Central Africa are forcing endangered forest elephants into smaller and smaller habitat areas, a study released Monday found. It's not vehicles that are a danger, instead the intelligent animals seem to know that the roads bring poachers.
This is very hard to believe -- The Poor Mouth: "Banjos in brain surgery*" (10/13/08). Our friend, Dan'l, joked, "Talk about fiddling while Rome burns!" To quote the story:
According to the BBC a musician undergoing brain surgery to treat a hand tremor played his banjo throughout to test the success of the procedure.

My topical post today at South by Southwest and The Reaction is about politics.

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emmapeelDallas said...

What an interesting post!

Carol Gee said...

Thanks, Emma. Good to "see" you. Stop by anytime.


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