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Saturday, September 05, 2009

It would be easier if we could see the humor here.

The Republican fringe elements latest and most cruel personal attacks on the President of the United States, Barack H. Obama, are reaching a new low point. I wish I could laugh at all this but it is very hard to glean anything the least bit funny in their protestations, though I must say that pourmecoffee's tweet comes the closest.

To say our president wants to do harm to the nation's children is just beyond anything remotely resembling mere politics. It shows a depth of unkindness that is quite stark and unsettling. And because I am old enough to be the President's parent, it brings out my protective instincts. Mr. Obama needs help and support, not lies, racism, hatred or cruelty. Before you sigh, just give me my Pollyanna moment.

Cruelty and bullying makes me sick to my stomach. Ignorance tries my tolerance. Purposeful insanity makes me crazy. And treasonous intentions make me anxious. We see too much of all of the above. For now I am putting my little criticisms of the Obama administration in the drawer. All of us who try to project good will must send it in the direction it needs to go. The opposition must learn that kindness is not weakness, that ignorance is not bliss and that patriotism is not to be feared. I am worried about our nation's future otherwise.

The depth of un-American and counterproductive political behavior this last month has been a surprise to many of us who would prefer bipartisanship. There is none to be found. Given all the messes this administration inherited, the ineptitudes of Congressional leadership, two wars and unemployment soon to hit double digits, any presidential failure would redound on Republicans, too. The level of the opposition's delusion seems profound. The nihilism being shown hints that they do not care. There seems no rational conclusion except one that the End-timer Movement is picking up a number of new adherents.

It would be easier if I could have more confidence, if I could see more of the positive. But I do not like the emerging dark trends; there are no joking matters here.

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emmapeelDallas said...

Good post; I agree with you. I am becoming alarmed at the animosity of these attacks on the President.

betmo said...

these folks want nothing less than a takeover. they are armed and unhinged and they are ready. when the dems allow this to happen, we are in big trouble.

Carol Gee said...

To both emma and betmo: I wondered if I was over reacting, but from your comments I was not. There is still no humor to be found, only sadness for the country. Thanks to both of you, my long time blog friends. :-)


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